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As per most recent Report of National Sample Survey Organization – 61st Round (2004-05) distributed in March 2007, independent work in the Rural areas– in farming and additionally in agribusiness – was the principle statue for the Religious Groups. In 2004-05, 26% of Muslims and 35% of Christians relied upon "independent work in horticulture", while in "independent work in non-farming part", 28% of Muslims and 15% of Christians were included. 

In Urban India, amid 2004-05, the extent of Muslims families relying upon "independent work", "ordinary wage/pay" and "easygoing work" was 49%, 30% and 14% separately, while for the Christian it was 27%, 47%, and 11% individually. 

In Rural regions, the Workers Population Ratio (WPR) among the guys of any age in 2004-05 was the most noteworthy among Christians (56%) trailed by Hindus (55%) and afterward, Muslims were the least (half). Additionally WPR for Females for Christians (36%) and Hindus (34%) was substantially higher than that for Muslims (18%). 

In Rural India, the joblessness rate was higher in Christians (44%) trailed by Muslims (23%) and Hindus (15%). Likewise in Urban India, the joblessness rate was most astounding among Christians (86%) trailed by Hindus (44%) and Muslims (41%). 

As per reports of Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGE&T), a dominant part of India workforce does not have attractive aptitudes which are a hindrance in getting tolerable business and enhancing their monetary condition. 

While India has an expansive youthful populace, just 10% of the Indian work powers – 8% casually and 2% formally have gained professional abilities. About 63% of the school understudies drop out at various stages achieving class-X. Just about 3.1 million professional preparing seats are accessible in the nation though about 12.8 million people enter the work showcase consistently. Indeed, even out of these t drizzling spots, not very many are accessible for early school dropouts. This implies an extensive number of school dropouts don't approach aptitude advancement for enhancing their employability at one side and accessibility of 12.8 million occupations at the opposite side. According to assessments of 2011, in India, there is an aptitude hole of around 244 million crosswise over 21 key parts. 

As indicated by Sachar Committee Recommendations, the nation is experiencing a high development stage. This is an opportunity to help the underprivileged to use new open door through Skill improvement and training. A vast portion of the Muslim people group is occupied with independent work exercises. Furthermore, a noteworthy extent, particularly ladies, is really occupied with locally established work. While a portion of these laborers is occupied with areas that have encountered development, many are occupied with occupations/segments that are stale. The strategy intercession needs to help specialists occupied with growth-oriented areas to end up some portion of the bigger system of market situated firms occupied with that division. For those got in the stale areas, a progress way should be developed. Aptitude upgradation, education, and credit accessibility will have a critical job in both these systems. 

National Skill Development Policy visualizes that the aptitudes and information are the main thrusts of financial development and social improvement for any nation. Nations with higher and better levels of abilities alter all the more adequately to the difficulties and openings. 

India is on the move to an information-based economy and its aggressive edge will be controlled by the capacities of its kind to make, offer and utilize learning all the more adequately. This progress will expect India to form laborers into learning specialists will's identity more adaptable, scientific, versatile and multi-gifted. 

India has the upside of "statistic profit. Outfitting the statistic profit through proper ability improvement endeavors would give a chance to accomplish consideration and efficiency inside the nation and furthermore a decrease in the worldwide aptitude deficiencies. Extensive scale aptitude improvement is in this way an inescapable objective.

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