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Shree Aadinath Bhagwan | Jain Stuti Stavan

Shree Aadinath Bhagwan (also known as Rishabhdev Bhagwan)

Shree Aadinath Bhagwan’s soul did 13 births since he obtained Samyag Darshan. In his previous birth he was a Dev in heavenly vehicle named SarvarthSiddha, where he completed his age of 33 Sagaropam years. His soul brought with him Mati Gyan, Shrut Gyan and Avadhi Gyan and entered the womb of Queen Marudevi, wife of King Nabhi the starter of the Ikshavaku heir of kings, in the midnight of Jeth Vad 4th day in Sagittarius sun sign and Uttarashadha Nakshatra. At that moment, his mother saw the 14 divine dreams.

His soul remained in the mother’s womb for 9 months and 4 days. He was born in Vinita city on Fagun Vad 8th day in Uttarashadha Nakshatra. The 56 Digga Kumaris (maids of the heaven) came and completed the birth rites. Then 64 Indras took him to Meru mountain to celebrate his birth by bathing him with 1 crore 60 lakh pots of waters of different oceans. In the morning, his father celebrated his birth in the kingdom.

His right thigh had a symbol of a bullock. His body color tone was golden, and it was 500 dhanushya (1 dhanushya = 4 feet) tall. He lived his youth of 20 lakh purva years. His heir of family was Ikshavaku and Gotra was Kashyap. He was married to Sumangala and Sunanda by Devs. Sumangala gave birth to Bharat & Brahmi, the Yugal pair. Eventually they had 49 Yugal pairs of sons only ie., 98 sons. Sunanda gave birth to Bahubali and Sundari as a Yugal pair. A Yugal pair is the pair of kids who are born together, live as brother & sister, eventually marry each other and die together. So, Shree Aadinath Bhagwan had 100 sons and 2 daughters. He taught every human 100 different arts of drawing, painting, pottery, trade, commerce, weaving, etc. For males, he taught 72 arts and 64 arts for females. Brahmi was specifically taught 18 different languages, each with its own letters and characters. Sundari was taught all the different forms of mathematics.

He gave Varsi Daan of 1 crore 8 lakh gold coins every day for 1 year. He sat in the Sudarshana Shibika (a chariot) and came to Siddharth jungle. He performed Chau Mushti Locha (plucking of hair on the head by bare hands in 4 attempts) under Ashoka tree. He completed his two-day fast and became a monk on Falgun Vad 6th day in Uttarashadha Nakshatra along with 4000 other souls, including Kachha and MahaKachha. He had completed his age of 83 lakh purva years. At that moment, he obtained Manah-paryav Gyan. Because of his Antray karma, he had to roam the Hastinapur city for 13 months and 10 days to get alms. He finally got sugarcane juice as alms to break his fast from Shreyans Kumar. At that moment 5 divine signs appear in the sky and 12.5 crore gold coins were rained.

After becoming a monk, he roamed for 1000 years in Arya and Anarya countries. In these 1000 years, he had slept only for 1 half night. He came to ShaktMukha gardens in Purimtal suburb of Vinita city (currently known as Prayagraj or Allahabad). He completed his three-day fast on Maha Vad 11th day and in Uttarashadha Nakshatra he obtained Keval Gyan. He freed himself for 18 dosha. He now possessed 8 pratiharya and 34 atishaya. Devs came and prepared a Samvasran for him. He sat on a throne in the middle of the Samvasran under Ashoka tree and gave sermons on Samyaktva, 5 MahaVrata and 12 Vrat in pleasant language bejeweled with 35 virtues. After listening to the sermons, 500 sons and 700 grandsons of Bharat including Rushabhsen (Pundarikji) became monks under him. He had 84 gandhars including Pundarikji.

Eventually he comes  to Ashtapadji Tirth. Here he completed his six-day fast and attained Moksha with 10,000 other monks on Posh Vad 13th day in Capricorn sun sign and Abhijeet Nakshatra. He had completed his age of 1 lakh purva years as a monk and a total age of 84 lakh purva years. By that day 89 fortnights were left for the Third Ara of Avsarpini cycle of time were left. His spiritual kingdom lasted for 50 lakh crore sagaropam years. The doors to attain Moksha started with his mother Marudevi and was open for unlimited number of souls. One of the major surprises of this Avsarpini cycle of time that occurred in the times of his kingdom is that 108 souls with greatest virtues attained Moksha together. Also, the greatest male was Bharat Chakravarti and Bhimavali Rudra were born in his spiritual kingdom. His mother attained Moksha and his father became Nagkumar.

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